In recent years, the market for aerated products has significantly increased in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry due to the fact that several product properties can be better adjusted by means of a so-called foaming process.


In collaboration with University of Zurich (ETH), Switzerland, KINEMATICA developed a new generation of foaming machines in the MEGATRON® MT-FM model series and introduced them into the market. The outstanding feature of our Foaming Machine is the generation of micro bubbles in the order of magnitude of 5-10 µm and their dense distribution due to our innovative rotor/stator geometry. The extremely effective foaming machine MEGATRON® MT-FM works continuously and is available in configurations suitable for laboratory, pilot plant and production areas of applicable industries. Scale-up starting from formulation using a few liters up to production is easily possible due to our application know how and different rotor/stator geometries.

Our Sales Representatives in consultation with our engineering department are able to recommend and determine the proper configuration for any specific application. 


  • Power (W)
  • Volume flow
    up to approx. 10 l/h
  • Ø Rotor
    30 mm
  • Applicable aggregates
    8 / 5
  • Tip speed
    19 m/s
  • Speed range
    12'000 rpm
  • Motor
    1.5 kW


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