Homogenizing in life science technology
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Solutions for life science and biotech industry.

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Life Science

Solutions for life science and biotech industry.

Homogenizing in life science technology

Whenever precision is required in sample preparation for a wide range of life science and biotech applications, the Kinematica solutions are there to support the laboratory managers’ mission. Fast set-up, fully controlled heating to protect samples, and high throughput allows for effective management of continuous operations with a limited amount of time to maintain and a very high level of productivity.


  • Fast system set-up for a quick sample processing and high throughput
  • Disposable aggregates available in sterilized packs (gamma-radiated) to avoid cross contamination
  • Specialized aggregate geometry to accelerate processing to avoid excessive sample heating


Cell disintegration
DNA isolation
Tissue samples (e.g. heart)
Tissue samples - prenatal diagnosis
Cell suspensions
Dispersion of plant, animal & human tissues
Virus infection analysis
Disruption of insects
Pesticide analysis
Analysis of animal sample
Disruption of rickettsia
Sample preparation for analysis
Biological synthesis
Wastewater analysis
Vitamin products
Crushing of tobacco leaves
Lipid & protein extraction
Determination of subcellar localization
Extraction of metabolites
Cancer tissue
Homogenization of heart, liver & skeletal muscle tissues
Tissue homengenisation under Nitrogenfluid
Quality control (Food, Pharma)
Plant extractions
Homogenizing in cell culture plates
Viscosity reduction of lysates
Extraction of milk lipoprotein
Comminution & disintegration of muscles & tissues
Plasma proteins in vivo
Plant tissue material
Medical contrast agent
Residue analysis


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