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We have been leading in the field of dispersing and homogenizing processing both for laboratories and production plants since 1962. We partner with our customers by designing, developing, and producing customized solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical, life science, and food industries. Our global scale of operations includes our subsidiaries in North America (New York), Europe (Freiburg), and Asia (Hong Kong), in addition to our long-term established partnerships in Russia, India, and Japan.

Our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Lucerne (Switzerland) is where we leverage our extensive expertise for thousands of applications to design, develop, and offer the best fitting solution to meet your application or process needs. Focusing on the most demanding requirements is our daily challenge that the Kinematica Research & Development team undertakes with passion to generate added value for our customers.


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    23 years

    The long-term cooperation with prestigious organizations from around the world, such as ETH of Zurich,

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    95% increased Productivity

    Our solutions are designed to dramatically enhance our customers’ productivity for both in-line / 

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    75 Countires

    The number of countries reached by our operating companies and network of qualified partners:

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    A customer-centric approach guides the whole Kinematica team of professionals; 

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    A lean organization structure allows our company to be agile and to quickly react to our customers’ needs.