Service / Repair.

This section will tell you all you need to know about the topic of repairs, service and guarantees.

Step 1: Service / repair request
It is essential to complete the registration form in full before sending us your device or dispersing aggregate. This is necessary in order to enable our Service Department to help you in the best possible way and to exclude any risks which the product may cause. Our rapid and straightforward service registration process also allows us to identify the product and offer you an appropriate solution.

Step 2: Dispatch
You may dispatch your product to us once you have sent the online form, e-mailed or faxed us the PDF form. You may, of course, also send the form together with your product.

Selection of the right logistics centre
In order to avoid possible additional time, trouble and expense when sending an item in for repair, it is important to select the right logistics centre and to address your parcel correctly.

Please make sure that your item is dispatched to the right place. We will otherwise be forced to pass on any additional expenditure incurred, including customs clearance fees, increased costs of dispatch and other costs not mentioned here.

  • Senden Sie Ihren Artikel an diese Adresse:
    Kinematica GmbH
    Münstertäler Straße 12
    DE-79427 Eschbach

  • Senden Sie Ihren Artikel an diese Adresse:
    Kinematica AG
    Werkstrasse 7 c-d
    6102 Malters

Step 3: Cost Estimate And Return Shipment
All repair and services with an order value of up to CHF 200.00 will be carried out without a cost estimate/offer and without consultation. Cost estimates will be prepared at the request of customers in the case of orders where the value exceeds CHF 200.00.

We will make a processing charge of CHF 90.00 if you request a cost estimate but later refuse our offer. These costs will be fully waived in the event of a repair or if a new device offered is ordered. As soon as the product has been repaired, it will be sent back to you in its original packaging. If the product or unit is irreparable, our sales team will do their best to work with you to find a suitable and cost-effective solution.

Unmaintained Products
The following products can no longer be serviced.

In general terms, no Kinematica products which are 10 years old or more can be serviced or repaired. This is because replacement parts are no longer available and compliance with the standards that apply today cannot be ensured. This category includes the following Kinematica devices and other devices which are even older.

Is your device or unit on the list? Please contact us so that we can work with you to arrive at a new and appropriate solution.

PT 1200 B/C/CL
PT 1300 D (up to year of construction 2007)
PT 1600 E
PT 2100
PT 10-35 GT without Display
PT 3000
PT 3100
PT-K (PT 10-35)
PT-G (PT 45-80)
PT 6000
PT 6100
PX-MFC (Cullati Mill)
PX-SR 50 E
PX-SR 90 D
MT 3000
MT 5000
MT 5100
PV-FV + battery version (as long as replacement parts are still available, although we can offer no guarantee for consequential errors. Calibration is still possible.)
Type C (only available as a custom-made product)
Type A*
Type B*
Type D*
* Service is offered at extra cost
All other products / drive units from the list cannot be ordered any more.