Blade grinding attachment

Consists of 3-armed rotor with cutting knives and stator with 3 cutting bars / tool included


Consists of a rotor with three hardened cutting knives and stator with 3 cutting bars. During the cutting process, the sample is spun around the grinding chamber and cut until the desired particle size has been achieved. The ground sample passes through the sieve into the collection container. Particles that are larger than the sieves diameter remain in the mill and can be removed by opening the grinding chamber.


Ideal for processing of dry, stringy, fibrous and fat-free materials such as:
Wood, bark, roots, leaves, straw, corks, dried fruit, dried fat-free meat, fish fins, fish bones, feathers, leather, leather skin, wool, cotton, linen, paper, coals, turf, grass, dried resins, synthetic materials, fiber glass, plastic pellets, various textiles, felt, etc.

Note about grinding attachments
Wet samples or samples with high fat content gum up the sieve and chamber, producing a useless grinding result. For these types of samples Kinematica provides the POLYMIX® mixer and POLYTRON® homogenizers. They cover a broad range of samples.

Blade grinding or hammer grinding? You have the choice.
If there are questions regarding the use of our mill for your application after speaking with a specialist, our application lab will be happy to run your sample and send the results for your inspection.