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Reaction and mixing processes at a laboratory level, modular design laboratory reactors / Standard system with EU-power cable (230 V)

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Die Labor REACTRON® Systeme bestehen aus Prozessbehältern (ein- und mehrwandig, Standard- und kundenspezifische Auslegungen), Rührsysteme für das Makro-Mischen (z.B. mit Anker-Rührer), POLYTRON® / MEGATRON® Homogenisier- und Mischsysteme für die Zerkleinerung und das Mikro-Mischen, Verrohrungen, Prozesssteuerungen und weiterführendes Zubehör in Abstimmung mit dem Kunden, dem Produkt und dem Verfahren.


Jacketed vessel with useable capacity 1 liter made from borosilicate glass, vessel cover made from stainless steel 316L with four NS29 / 32 conical fittings and sealed, centrical lead-through fitting for stirrer tool, (electric) telescopic stand, POLYMIX® digital overhead stirrer with maintenance free gearbox 1 : 5 (high torque) and anchor stirrer. Upgrade options and complete accessory range on request.

Modular construction

– Mixing vessels, single wall or double wall: for the optimum application temperature
– Mixing vessels in borosilicate, glass or steel: when the vacuum is critical
– Range of dispersers drives and generators: give you the flexibility you want
– Cleaning and dismantling: is child’s play with the integrated (electro-) telescopic stand
– Simple change of aggregate: with Click & Go
– Best possible materials: otherwise it’s not Swiss Made
– Durability: is a Swiss virtue


  • Min. Volume (ml)
  • Max. Volume (ml)
  • Applicable aggregates
    ø 20 mm to ø 25 mm, with / without mechanical seal
  • Vacuum
    Up to 25 mbar (a) without homogenizer / Up to 250 mbar (a) with homogenizer
  • Supply voltage
    90 – 230 V ± 10 %, 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Max. relative density
    80 % storage / 80 % operation
  • Operating temperature
    Standard max. 90 °C / On request >120 °C
  • Protection class acc. to DIN
    IP 20
  • EMC standards
    IEC / EN 61000-6-2 / EN 61000-6-3
  • Safety standard
    IEC / EN 61010-2-51


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