Inline Dispersers

MEGATRON® Inline Dispersers - a name with history 

MT 3100 SLaboratory and pilot plant Inline Dispersing units
MT 5100 SPilot plant and production Inline Dispersing units
MT and MT-V   Standard Inline Dispersing machine (horizontal-/ vertical- working chambers)
MT-SVClean room Inline disperser / homogenizer
MT-SHSSuper High Shear
MT-VPC/VPR    Continuous or Recirculation powder processing machine
MT-FMFoaming Machine, aeration via air or gas input
MT-MMDouble emulsions Membran machine

MEGATRON® Dispersers for Pilot Plant and Production 

Horizontal or Vertical: Choose what is best for your process.  Kinematica offers our complete line of disperser/homogenizers in either horizontal or vertical configurations.  The Vertical units are ideally suited for sanitary and sterile production, due the self-draining nature of the design.

These machines set standards for in-line homogenizing technology regarding efficiency, safe operation and long working life for a broad application range in a variety of industries.  
This line of MEGATRONS  can be configured  to provide varying shear rates, from gentle to super high..  This is accomplished through the use of a combination of our dispersion generators which are offered in either coarse, medium, fine or superfine configurations.  The shear rate and tip speed effect on the final particle size are taken into account when designating which generator configurations will provide the desired final particle size.  
Each of these units has a working chamber that can accommodate up to 3 different generator configurations which means that often times a single pass will produce the desired result.  Our Sales Representatives in consultation with our engineering department are able to recommend and determine the proper configuration for any specific application.   

Basic Overview

  • Throughput volume of up to 150,000 l/h
  • Wear-free three-phase motors with RECO® speed control
  • Tip speeds up to 40 m/s provide small particle sizes
  • MT version or horizontal working chamber
  • MT-V version or vertical working chamber
  • One-, two-, or three rotor / stator configurations in one working chamber
  • All parts contacting the product are made of 316L stainless steel
  • Single mechanical seal with quench system.
  • Double mechanical seals for shaft sealing including sealant pressure system
  • O-rings and seals from materials resistant to product matrix. 
  • Available as Clean in Place (CIP) and Sterilize in Place (SIP) units
  • 3A Symbol on MT-V series
  • According to ATEX guidelines