KINEMATICA - Company presentation

The rotor/stator principle for dispersing and homogenizing equipment, originally invented by KINEMATICA, has become the worldwide accepted standard for the high shear mixing of a solid, liquid or gaseous phase into a liquid phase.


Combining timeless Swiss craftsmanship with the most modern machine tools, Kinematica’s workshops fabricate our processors to the highest quality standards. Only the finest materials and components are used. All of our products are developed and built according to international guideline and standards and comply with the highest safety standards.


The most meticulously crafted and ingenious equipment means little to the end user if the machine cannot achieve the desired process results. Kinematica’s five decades of application experience can show the customer the way to the ideal process solution. The widest array of equipment sizes on the market, from laboratory to pilot plant and production allow for precise scale up of even the most complex processes. Our design and engineering staffs, combined with our in house machining facilities allow us to create custom machines for the most critical applications.


The roots of today's KINEMATICA began in the chemical/physical research institute of Prof. P. Willems, the father of modern dispersion and homogenization technology. His discoveries led to numerous international patents and an ever increasing international awareness of this specific area of mechanical processing technology. This tradition of invention and innovation continues to this day with our introduction of important new technologies in the field of powder induction, nanodispersions and foam production. Research collaborations with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology are ongoing and have been granted multiple patents. 

Homogenizing with Tradition

For more than 60 years, KINEMATICA from Lucerne has been developing mixers for liquid homogenizing processes for all industries that employ mixing technology. As the inventor of rotor/stator technology, we can realize almost any application for our clients, and we are also engaged in research in order to provide further improvements and innovations. We collaborate closely with leading universities and notable businesses from all over the world in order to consistently offer the most modern solutions to our clients. KINEMATICA integrates its expertise globally and supports corporations in realizing revolutionary solutions for dispersing technology.

Emulsions, suspensions and foams through KINEMATICA products

The objective of dispersing is to evenly distribute various components in a mechanical process. Be it laboratory dispersers or high-performance production machines, all these devices perform important tasks for product manufacturing and -development for the following industry branches:

- Chemistry
- Pharmaceutics
- Biotechnology / Life Science
- Food industry
- Cosmetics

Our laboratory devices, such as the POLYMIX® series, include laboratory mills, stirrers and mixers; they can e.g. be used for sample preparation in the food industry. In regard to tissue samples, our POLYTRON® laboratory dispersers provide the best basis for subsequent analysis according to research requirements. The use of our special aggregates, e.g. in biotechnology, substantially supports research and development. The use of our laboratory devices for quality control greatly simplifies the analysis of food, tablets or even sewage.

In addition to the well-known industrial-size POLYTRON- and MEGATRON® dispersing devices, our product range includes multiple mixers and laboratory stirrers as well as complete mixing systems or viscometers.

We offer customer-oriented total solutions such as our REACTRON ® process reactors, which, together with our dispersers and stirrers, form a unit both for laboratory- and industrial application.

We look forward to answering any questions you might have regarding our product range of blenders, POLYVISC® viscometers, mixers and homogenizing technology solutions